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Learn who we are at ConnectEd through the lives of our teachers and staff and their own unique stories

How Our Unique Stories Shape Our Work

What makes us tick here at ConnectEd? Besides striving to be on the cutting edge of technology and providing access to the best online platform for e-tuitions, here at ConnectEd, we’re passionate about academic excellence and success. According to our CEO, Dennis Mathew, being teacher-centric makes ConnectEd different from other edtech companies in India. Our team of teachers and education and technology professionals devote their talents to making ConnectEd great. 

What do we mean by teacher-centric?

We don’t mean that we focus on the teacher-centred method where collaboration is discouraged, but instead, we understand that every student is unique. This means that academic success stories vary from child to child. As a result, curriculum and lesson delivery must be adaptable to each student to succeed. These adaptations and adjustments fall on the responsibility of our teachers. Our teachers use progress reports, live-grade tracking, and parent-teacher conferences to assess their students’ capabilities in Maths and Science. Once we know where students thrive and need assistance, our teachers can focus their efforts in the correct places.

Getting to Know the Difference

In our upcoming blog series – How Our Unique Stories Shape Our Work – you’ll hear the stories of our diverse teachers and our leadership staff. Their life stories are what has brought them to where they are today. Their life experiences have influenced their professional drive and their love for education. Stories have a way of shaping our worldview and passions, and at ConnectEd, we’re unified in our vision to bring high-quality education to all. 

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