Progress Reports

Learning Methodology

Our curriculum and learning pedagogy is research driven and proven to help students make powerful learning gains.

Progress Reports

Progress reports play an integral role in the learning and development of our students. Our teachers are constantly assessing their students’ strengths and weaknesses. Progress reports help our teachers shape their lessons around crucial target areas to ensure academic growth and success.

Comparing to State and National Average

It is also important to note that class participation, speed, and testing accuracy measure students’ progress. The ConnectEd class average, Indian national average, and the top 5% in CBSE help clarify students’ progress. 

Tracking progress with CBSE, ISCE, and State Board marks in mind also act as an aid for placement and lesson planning. Through each means, our teachers will then give written feedback to share their students’ achievements and areas for improvement.

Having all progress reports integrated into the online platform makes tracking easy for parents and students. These reports will reflect the subject scores that students are taking with ConnectEd. To ensure the best online education possible, we suggest that students study both Maths and Science subjects with us. Having the ability to see scores side-by-side is critical for students to know where to focus their time. It’s also reassuring to see how their tutoring is helping bring up their overall scores.

Parent Involvement with Progress Reports

Progress reports are essential in maintaining complete transparency between teacher, student, and parent. This open transparency helps communicate where students excel and where they need to improve more. Our teachers plan conferences with parents to discuss their child’s progress. Because of smaller, more focused classes, our teachers are very accessible to their students and parents. Focused classes mean additional communication is accessible and available if there are concerns with progress.

Most students are motivated and encouraged as they continue to complete lesson after lesson and see their academic progress. Our teachers are thrilled when they see their students’ excitement over their academic successes.