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Start Acing Exams Today with The Right Food!

Acing exams doesn’t always result from studying hard and burning the midnight oil. Still, we cannot ignore the essential components of exam preparation: FOOD! Yes! Eating the right foods while preparing for your exam has proven to have numerous effects on your energy. They keep you focused, give you clarity, and put you in the right mood as you approach your paper.

Here are some of our top suggestions following a sample diet so you can see how easy it is to incorporate this food in your daily schedule:

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods like dahi (curds, especially homemade), dosa, idli, and dhokla are rich in Vitamin B. They’re considered an Indian superfood, and they’re great for your gut. As a result, these foods can help soothe digestion (hint: no stomach upsets!).

Dark Chocolate

Yes! You heard right. A type of cacao called J Flavonoid reduces mental fatigue and boosts memory and concentration. Can you imagine acing exams because you ate chocolate?


Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, are incredibly high in flavonoid compounds called anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins improve mental performance. They increase blood flow to the brain. This increase enables specific signaling pathways that promote nerve cell production and cellular processes involved in learning and memory.


Many different varieties of nuts are rich in Zinc and Vitamin E. They are also a great source of healthy fats. Nuts make up for an excellent study snack. Here’s a tip: Mix it with chunks of dark chocolate!


Good quality protein sources such as eggs have exponential brain-function-promoting benefits. Eggs are rich in vitamin B12, choline, and selenium. These components act as optimal fuel for brain functions that support focus, memory, short-term learning, and improved visual function.


Not generally considered as a food group, but staying hydrated during exam preparation is crucial. Dehydration leads to headaches and mental fatigue, impacting learning, energy, and memory storage. The easiest thing to do is keep a 1.5 litre bottle next to you and make sure you have two of those throughout the day! Account for liquids you have had in the form of fresh juices and herbal teas.

What does this all look like when you put together a diet plan? Here goes a sample plan:

On rising: 1 glass of lukewarm water (stretch and say a word of thanks!)

Breakfast: 1 small bowl mixed fruits (include berries and citrus fruits) + 2 eggs scrambled in butter + 2 brown or multigrain bread toasts + 1 cup of milk/herbal tea/light coffee

Lunch: 2 rotis + 1 bowl of dal + 1 bowl of rice + 1 bowl of subzi + 1 bowl of non-veg preparation (use less oil and stick to healthy fats like ghee and coconut oil) + 1- 2 squares of dark chocolate as dessert

Snack: Handful of mixed nuts or 1 tablespoon peanut butter (as local and organic as you can purchase) spread on a bread toast or 1 roti

Dinner: 2 rotis or 1½ bowl of rice with any veg or non-veg curry + 1 bowl of salad + 1 bowl of dahi (ideally homemade)

Before bed: 1 glass of milk boiled with a pinch of Haldi (turmeric) and 1-1½ teaspoons of jaggery  

Finally, remember to carry through with these habits during exam time and always, and you’re on your way to acing exams. Setting healthy eating habits goes a long way!

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