Real Time Grading

Learning Methodology

Our curriculum and learning pedagogy is research driven and proven to help students make powerful learning gains.

Real-Time Grading

We implement real-time grading for many of our digital exercises provided through our digital platform. These exercises, with automatic feedback, provide students with a dynamic look into how well they are performing against the course content. Many of these activities are timed and help students gauge their speed for future board exams.

This key feature allows parents and students not to wait for the teacher to manually grade an assignment to receive an accurate idea of how the student is doing in their given subject. Real-time grading allows students the option for remediation or acceleration. We encourage students to self-assess from these grades to know where they need to focus and practice more as they study independently.

Grades given in real-time also act as a guide for our teachers. They use this guide to zone in on the critical challenges of their students. Our teachers then adjust their approach to offer the best support possible through their preparation and tailoring of lessons. Adapting to students’ needs accordingly helps secure academic improvement and growth. Our teachers track these grades to prepare progress reports and written feedback. Our teachers can then discuss progress with their students and their parents.