Grades 9 & 10 Maths

Courses’ Overview

Grades 9 & 10 Maths’ students will continue to develop different abilities to consolidate knowledge, think, analyse, and articulate logically. They will grow in digital literacy by using different Mathematical software. Students will begin to learn how to use Maths as a real-life problem-solving tool.

Courses’ Goal

Outside the classroom, the syllabus tries to focus on and develop a deeper awareness “of the need for national integration, protection of the environment, observance of small family norms, and the removal of social barriers and gender biases.” – CBSE syllabus. The curriculum uses Maths concepts to draw out these areas. Most specifically, real-life concepts connect to real-life day-to-day experiences students have.

ConnectEd’s Approach

COVID-19 exposed India’s digital vulnerabilities. At this level, it’s important to promote digital literacy and online learning. Studying with ConnectEd automatically boosts such literacy. Furthermore, students become more aware at this stage of the social issues that are present around them. Our team commits themselves to create real-life encounters with Maths so that students can naturally come to the answers. An example that we use to get students excited is we have them observe that engineers use polynomials to build rollercoasters!


Main concepts

In this level, students will cover concepts such as:

Real numbers

Algebra: Polynomials, Linear Equations

Coordinate Geometry

Geometry: Lines & Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles

Mensuration: Areas, Surface Areas & Volumes

Statistics & Probability

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