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Bloom India‘s support has resulted in better quality education at Bloom Central School. We’re excited to share that students are thriving and growing more than ever.

It was difficult for teachers to move to online learning during COVID-19 lockdowns because of the digital divide. The digital gap, and lack of the proper resources, make e-learning impossible. So Bloom India’s support has directly targeted this issue. During the pandemic, we provided laptops and Wi-Fi to our teachers, and these resources allow them to continue work, online. Without these resources, it can be difficult for teachers and students to carry on, and as a result, students can fall behind. E-learning has made a way for our students and teachers to keep curriculum targets.

Better Quality Education Today!

We’re thrilled to announce that 800 students at Bloom Central School benefit from our support. Schools across the country are continuing to reopen. We’re grateful our students at Bloom Central haven’t had to pause their studies, because India’s shortage of digital resources many students fall behind academically. Bloom India is dedicated to closing the digital gap as much as possible. Schools’ digital resources can safe-guard disparity in academic growth. This promotes better quality education.

E-learning enables our students to get further ahead in their studies and resulting in better quality education. The pressure students face preparing for CBSE exams can be taunting. With proper e-learning resources, students throughout India can get ahead with ConnectEd’s tuition services. Our expert tutors help students and parents feel assured and prepared. Our preparation courses will give students the confidence they need to pass their exams! Sign-up for a free session today! 

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