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Partnering with Top Schools to Transform Lives. Connecting our technology with your students. For a brighter learning experience. A brighter future.

ConnectEd is an online education service assembled by a team of US, UAE and India based thought leaders who have vast experience in online learning. Our company offers several transformational learning tools to assist top tier schools with academic support and tuition services for students.

We work alongside top-tier schools to supplement your in-person classroom teaching. We provide live online tuitions and tutoring in CBSE Maths and Science (from 7th to 10th grade). Through our school partnerships, we work together to provide the right support for our students. Each student’s learning experiences reflect preparation for foundational concepts. Through ConnectEd’s help, students better prepare for future academic and work careers.

What We Offer

Coaching and Tutoring services

We supplement in-classroom learning with our live online coaching. We supply tuition for CBSE Maths & Science to enhance your curriculum. Our support has proven to increase your students’ test scores. 

All-in-one Digital solutions

We provide access to our state-of-the-art learning platform and online learning tools. Delivery of lessons are synchronous. All our digital solutions have technical support for stress-free connectivity and learning continuity

Professional Development

We customize our teacher training for your school. Our US education experts facilitate these trainings. We help schools implement next-generation learning environments and teaching practices.

White labeled ConnectEd content

We offer ConnectEd’s technology platform and content with your school’s branding, to add online delivery to your current offerings.

Learning dashboards & analytics

Our analytics-led progress reports track student performance. These reports help teachers tailor-make one-on-one coaching for each student. We mentor to focus on specific growth areas and improvement.

We bring our unique learning methodologies, and we leverage our learning analytics. Both enable teachers to provide deeper personalized learning for students. Our scaffolding – a fast path to mastery – paired with meaningful engagement tactics for learners help to increase student outcomes. We want our partnership with you to help transform how your students grasp and retain complex concepts. We deploy several learning tools designed to reinforce the content taught in the classroom. Our school partnerships greatly benefit our approach to learning.

Our team works together to deliver results

hear from our students and parents themselves:
Through our partnerships, we create lasting impact on students and communities.

700 students

Currently taught through our partnership


have improved in their performance

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About ConnectEd

Welcome to the best online tutoring platform! We are a educational technology company. We develop transformational learning technologies to assist children from all walks of life. Our students are preparing to thrive in the workforce of tomorrow.

The ConnectEd difference seeks to deliver lessons that cater to each student’s individual needs. Our learning methods promote autonomous learning. This learning helps our students adapt to the various environments they face now and will face in the future. Our students’ agility prepares them to make a community and workforce impact. We believe we’re giving each student access to the best future through our support. Students who train for board exams in a collaborative online space grow in many ways. Collaborative learning promotes social, emotional, and academic intelligence.

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