Assignment Tracking

Learning Methodology

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Assignment Tracking

Assignment Tracking with our Platform

We track all assignments in our learning management system so that both parent and student are entirely up to speed on required activities, syllabi, and grades. In our effort to help students develop responsibility and aptitude, the learning system includes a calendar of deadlines, progress reports, exam practice, and real-time grades. Parents and students get a brief overview of progress by logging into the system. We believe accountability now promotes better future project management.

Why Assignment Tracking is Important

Assignment tracking is crucial to our team of teachers as they can also assess retention of material and their students’ overall understanding of the subject. Each teacher has access to their students’ profiles and can hold each student accountable for completing their out-of-class assignments. As teachers prepare their progress reports, they can consult the completion of tasks to indicate participation and growth. Our teachers are also aware of the pressures students face as they prepare for exams. They work well with each student’s situation as they seek to make sure students are completing their work on time.

Students will be given plenty of time to complete their assignments and are encouraged to communicate with the teacher if they have any issues conducting specific studies. Our classes are three times a week, giving students time to complete each assignment on their days off thoughtfully.