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Could you imagine teaching an entire lesson from your mobile phone? COVID-19 forced many Sideras school teachers to teach from whatever means necessary. This meant even mobile phones. Sideras Academy converted live lessons to online, like most other schools worldwide. As a result, roughly 175 students out of 800 dropped out because of cost and lack of resources. ConnectEd’s online CBSE tuition services became the solution Sideras school needed.

Stepping In

Our non-profit branch – Bloom India – saw a need at Sideras. They didn’t want to see students unable to continue their education, so they intervened. Bloom India supplied teachers with laptops and the internet so that they could continue teaching from home. With this support, education continued. Furthermore, because of the effects of COVID-19, there was understaffing at Sideras. Teachers were unable to prepare the necessary concepts for both Maths and Sciences. Here too, ConnectEd and Bloom India came in to supply our team of teachers to supplement the disparity of Sideras’ teachers during this time. The results have been only positive.

online CBSE tuition services to Sideras International

ConnectEd Visits Sideras

ConnectEd visited Sideras Academy a few weeks ago to hear from staff and students. The welcome was hugely warm, and our teachers loved hearing from Sideras’ students. More than anything else, students appreciate how clear our team of teachers teaches. They also appreciate that students aren’t compared to each other. Still, instead, each student receives individual care and attention according to their academic needs. If students don’t understand concepts, ConnectEd teachers encourage them to ask questions so that our team of teachers can make each concept clear.

Our Partnership Moving Forward

Through the support of Bloom India, ConnectEd offered all services to Sideras free of charge. Because of this support, ConnectEd built a solid relationship with Sideras by building rapport with students and teachers. ConnectEd’s unique methodologies transformed the classroom through edtech provided from Bangalore. As our relationship progresses, we would love to support teacher training and offer online CBSE tuition from anywhere to students to prepare for their board exams. We are beyond grateful for the experience and relationship we’ve established with Sideras and look forward to the future.

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