About Us

About Us

Learning with lasting effects.

ConnectEd is an educational technology company designed to develop transformational learning technologies to assist children from all walks of life  to thrive in the workforce of tomorrow. Our goal is to teach students how to learn more autonomously and have the learning agility required to make community and workforce impact, giving each student access to the best future based on strategic improvements in their social, emotional and academic intelligence; demonstrated in excellent board exam performance. 

Our innovative hybrid learning ecosystem is complimented by highly qualified teachers and a team of educational analysts tracking student success and using data that informs the instructional teams. Our research-based, distinctive instructional methodologies are paired with engaging online and in-person experiences. Our interactive lectures, materials and instructional strategies put each student on a personalized pathway to making a better life.

Our carefully selected and extensively trained ed tech-expert-teachers take the time to evaluate each student’s subject area readiness, and propels the student to mastery. 

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Why ConnectEd

ConnectEd has educators that care about students, and drive incredible educational results. Our unique model engages learners with teachers who understand that every child is unique. Teachers take the time to evaluate each student’s subject area readiness, and propels the student to mastery. Our learning analysts examine learner footprints and equip teachers with dynamic, real time data to expect constant learning momentum. The ConnectEd teaching teams provide layers of support and an encouraging environment which promotes high quality learning and outstanding outcomes.

Learning Methodology

Learn more about ConnectEd's unique learning methodology that is behind everything we do. Our team's decades of experience is the secret that leads to unmatched student success.

Info Session

One of our admissions counselors would love to help you and your student develop a success plan! Drop in your contact information and we’ll schedule a 30 minute Zoom call to answer your questions.