Our Teams

We are very passionate about high-quality education for all.

There is one common thread that drives our ambition, discussions, strategy and programs: Education.

Every single member, especially our teaching faculty, of the ConnectEd team thrives on creating the future of tomorrow through our students from a very foundational age.

Come and meet our team of highly qualified professionals, who are passionate about providing high-quality education for all.

Meet our Teachers
Our Teachers are our stars! They’re dedicated to creating the best online learning space possible for their students. Our teachers are very passionate about building up the next generation with strong foundations
Meet Our Core Team

They work relentlessly at making sure that the student and parent experience are as seamless and smooth as possible.

Meet our Leadership & Advisory Team
Meet our Leadership & Advisory Team – are made up of professionals in the technology, business, and educational fields. They keep ConnectEd onboard and up-to-date with the best technologies, content, and learning methodologies.

Would you like to join the ConnectEd family?