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We have the privilege to witness communities grow through access to high-quality education. Above all, we know education is freedom. As a result of our support, communities are transforming. They were once with little or no access to high-quality education.

Providing High-Quality Education to Promote Growth

Poverty and education go hand in hand. Poverty is a vicious cycle that repeats generation after generation. In India, statistics show that over 100 million children live in extreme poverty. More specifically, one-third of all poor children in the world are in India. Among these impoverished children, girls are the most at-risk, and their quality of life is low. They have very limited access to high-quality education. Moreover, these girls are at-risk of sex trafficking and forced child labor. Schools rarely exist in these communities. If schools exist, they often struggle to get proper resources for quality education.
Yet, we can provide high-quality education under our partner NGO ‘Bloom India’. At Bloom, we seek to reach the most vulnerable children. Our vision is to use education to break the bondages of poverty. We see poverty affect every area of life. But through our support, education is changing the futures that could have been.
For example, during COVID-19, we joined forces with kind-hearted donors worldwide. With their support, we provided food and basic necessities. So, the livelihoods of families in these communities are better secured. Our vision seeks to provide high-quality education to all vulnerable students in India.

High-Quality Education at ConnectEd

E-learning enables our students to get further ahead in their studies. This resource is resulting in better quality education. The pressure students face preparing for CBSE exams can be taunting. Our proper e-learning resources at ConnectEd enable students throughout India to get ahead. Our expert tutors help students and parents feel assured and prepared. With our help, students will have the confidence they need to pass their exams! Sign-up for a free session today! 

For more updates, read Bloom India’s stories of hope here of young lives transforming through our schools in India.

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