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We are proud to announce that ASU Preparation will now be supporting us as a partner to enhance the ConnectEd experience for students with their proven tools and techniques for personalized, self-paced learning and rich experience. India is a uniquely promising market for education with immense potential and daunting challenges. ASU Preparation’s expertise gives us a significant advantage in transforming the learning experience for Indian students in turn empowering students to chase bigger dreams and contribute to India’s growth and progress.

The India Opportunity & Our Mission-

With its massive population, India offers huge opportunities to educators. It has a large talent pool showcased through the innovation of local Jugaad as much as the accomplishments of the Indian diaspora abroad. 

Most Indian parents place a high premium on their children’s education, making entrance into India’s premier institutions of higher learning more challenging than entering top-ranked programs in the US. This is when a large segment of India’s school-age population has limited access to quality education.

The success of Indian students in India and abroad has been in spite of a system that emphasizes rote learning and memorization over problem-solving abilities. ConnectEd is on a mission to address this gap and foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in students even as we help them score well in standardized exams like the CBSE 10th Board Exam.

The Challenge of Diversity-

India is home to incredible cultural and economic diversity. Students with widely divergent lived experiences find themselves competing first for limited opportunities in higher education through the same standardized exams and eventually with a global talent pool.

The Need for Personalization-

India’s diversity juxtaposed with the constantly evolving demand for expertise in emergent fields of study presents students today with a wide range of potential opportunities that take advantage of their lived experience. 

But their ability to take advantage of these opportunities is hampered by a standardized educational system that often fails to recognize and hone non-standard talent and skills. This is where personalized education can augment traditional education to empower students from diverse backgrounds.

India currently has a school-age population of almost 450MN. This amplifies the impact of quality education at scale in India will have on economic growth in India and beyond over the next 50-100 years.

The ASU Preparation Advantage-

Students today can access information at will. This opens up many possibilities but the guidance students need to translate access to information into structured learning and personal development is often missing.

  • Preparation of ASU has a proven track record in technology-enabled self-paced learning where students learn at their own pace through a mix of interactive sessions, immersive content, and regular testing under the guidance of empathetic teachers. 
  • This allows students to advance beyond their peers in topics of interest even as they get the practice they need to do well in standardized tests. 
  • This in turn gives students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to explore and hone the advantages their background gives them while putting in extra effort to work on weaknesses.
  • With ASU Preparation we can help students develop social skills and absorb collaboration through interactive classroom learning and foster deeper thinking and critical analysis through personalized learning away from the classroom.

The Future is Bright-

Technology is already helping us reach students across the length and breadth of India from Meghalaya to Gujarat and from Kashmir to Kerala. We are proud to be supporting students in remote areas that have few to no local options for quality coaching.

With this partnership, we hope to take ASU Preparation’s proven methods to a larger, more diverse student population, help every student chase their dreams, and ultimately catalyze economic development in India.

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