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Scoring good marks in the board exams is a common goal for every student, especially in CBSE Class 10. The Class 10 board exams play a crucial role in shaping a student’s academic future. It is essential to have a strategic approach and employ effective tips and tricks, like maximizing brain power,  to maximize your scores! In this article, we will discuss valuable tips and tricks to help you prepare for and excel in your CBSE Class 10 board exams.

  1. Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

To score well in any examination, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. Familiarize yourself with the weightage assigned to each topic in the syllabus. Focus more on topics with higher weightage while ensuring that you have a basic understanding of all subjects, which is something our teachers do with students at ConnectEd. Refer to the official CBSE Class 10 syllabus and previous years’ question papers to get a better idea of the exam pattern.

  1. Plan Your Study Schedule

Creating a study schedule is essential for effective time management. Divide your time wisely among all subjects, giving more attention to subjects you find challenging. Make a timetable that includes specific time slots for each subject and ensures you allocate enough time for revision. Stick to the schedule and avoid procrastination to make the most of your study time.

  1. Practice Regularly and Thoroughly

Practice is key to achieving good marks in CBSE Class 10 board exams. Solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and gain confidence. Additionally, practice with online quizzes, mock tests, and revision tests to evaluate your understanding of different topics. Regular practice will help you improve your time management skills and boost your problem-solving abilities.

  1. Effective Note-Taking

Taking effective notes during your study sessions can significantly enhance your understanding and retention of the subject matter. Summarize important concepts, formulas, and key points in your own words. Use visual aids like diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps to make your notes more engaging and memorable. Review these notes regularly to reinforce your understanding and revise important topics efficiently.

  1. Seek Clarification and Guidance

If you have any doubts or confusion regarding any subject or topic, don’t hesitate to seek clarification. Consult your teachers, classmates, or online forums to get your queries resolved. Take advantage of study groups or study circles where you can discuss and exchange ideas with your peers. Additionally, consider enrolling in coaching classes or online platforms that provide expert guidance and personalized support.

  1. Time Management during Exams

Time management during exams is crucial to ensure that you attempt all the questions and sections within the given time frame. Read the instructions carefully before you start answering and allocate time to each section accordingly. Begin with the questions you are most confident about to build momentum. Avoid spending too much time on a single question. If you are stuck, move on and come back to it later.

  1. Effective Revision Strategies

Revision is a vital aspect of exam preparation. Create concise and comprehensive revision notes for each subject, highlighting the key points and formulas. Utilize mnemonic techniques to memorize complex information. Solve sample papers and practice tests during your revision to assess your progress and identify areas that require further attention. Revise regularly and avoid last-minute cramming.


Scoring good marks in CBSE Class 10 board exams requires a systematic and strategic approach. By understanding the exam pattern, planning your study schedule, practicing regularly, and seeking guidance when needed, you can maximize your scores. Remember to manage your time effectively during exams and employ effective revision strategies. With consistent effort and dedication, you can achieve excellent results in your CBSE Class 10 board exams. Have you signed up for a free demo class yet? Experience the ConnectEd difference. Good luck!

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