7 Tips for Becoming a Topper Student in CBSE Board

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Being a topper student on the CBSE Board requires dedication, discipline, and effective study habits. While studying hard is important, it is equally crucial to manage your time wisely, for example, the time-blocking method,  and make the most of your study sessions. In this article, we will explore seven tips to help you become a topper student in the CBSE Board, including the best time for studying, the effectiveness of studying at night, the best time to study and memorize, and creating a balanced timetable.

  1. Find Your Optimal Study Time

One of the key factors in becoming a topper student is finding your optimal study time. Everyone has a different biological clock, and it is essential to identify when you are most alert and focused. Some students are early birds and prefer studying in the morning, while others are night owls and perform better during the evening. Experiment with different study schedules to determine the time that suits you best.

  1. The Night Study Debate

The question of whether studying at night is good or not depends on individual preferences and productivity levels. While some students thrive during late-night study sessions, others may find it challenging to concentrate. However, studying at night can have its advantages. It tends to be quieter, with fewer distractions, allowing you to immerse yourself in your studies. If you choose to study at night, ensure you get enough rest during the day to avoid sleep deprivation.

  1. Identify the Best Time for Memorization

Memorizing information is a crucial aspect of studying, especially for subjects like history, science, and languages. Research suggests that the best time for memorization is during the early morning hours, shortly after waking up. This is when the brain is refreshed, and memory retention is believed to be more effective. Consider allocating some time in the morning for reviewing and memorizing important concepts.

  1. Be Consistent with Your Study Schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to studying effectively. Create a timetable that incorporates your optimal study time, along with regular breaks and leisure activities. A well-structured timetable helps in maintaining a balance between study and other aspects of your life. Stick to your timetable religiously to develop a habit of disciplined studying.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Topper students understand the importance of setting realistic goals. Break down your study material into manageable chunks and set daily or weekly goals. This will help you stay motivated and track your progress effectively. At Connected, we help students set small, achievable goals that ensure students make steady progress without feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Practice Active Learning Techniques

Merely reading textbooks or notes is not enough to excel in exams. Adopt active learning techniques such as summarizing information in your own words, creating flashcards, or teaching concepts to others. Engaging in these activities enhances comprehension and helps in retaining information for longer periods.

  1. Take Regular Breaks

While it may seem counterintuitive, taking regular breaks during study sessions is crucial for maintaining focus and preventing burnout. Short breaks every 45-60 minutes can help rejuvenate your mind and improve productivity. Use this time to stretch, grab a healthy snack, or engage in a quick physical activity to refresh your body and mind.


Becoming a topper student in the CBSE Board requires a combination of effective study techniques, time management, and consistency. By identifying your optimal study time, setting realistic goals, adopting active learning techniques, and creating a balanced timetable, you can maximize your productivity and achieve academic excellence. Remember to find what works best for you individually and embrace a healthy study routine that aligns with your natural rhythms. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top-performing student on the CBSE Board. Connect with us for your free demo class and how ConnectEd can support you to achieve your goals!

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