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For those that celebrate Christmas, the holidays are upon us! With the New Year coming, many students are on holiday. With students off of school, families could make a list of fun at-home activities to do. Here are five things families can do with their students at home to kick off the list.

  1. Film Marathon: With busy schedules, sometimes it can be very relaxing to spend a day doing nothing! Pick a few films, maybe a double feature, pop some popcorn, and enjoy being lazy for a day! To make it extra special, build a fort with blankets and pillows and camp out while you watch.
  2. Do some arts and crafts: Take some time and get creative! Learn a new art skill with YouTube tutorials. Plenty of blogs on Pinterest also have great ideas for useful household items. Here are some fun activities for younger students to do with things you most likely have at home!
  3. Do some cooking and baking: Of course, everyone needs to eat! Make it fun by trying new recipes you’ve never had before. You can take two jars; one jar is full of country names. The other jar can have clippings of “side dish”, “appetizer”, “main dish”, or “dessert”. Everyone needs to pull out one clipping from each jar. Whatever country you get, you need to research food from there and recipes. You can learn a lot about another culture through their food. 
  4. Play Board Games or Do a Puzzle: Playing games can be an entire family activity! Puzzles and Games don’t require the TV, so if you’re looking for a bit of a break from the screen, this is a great activity. Most board games are also educational, which is great for keeping the brain active during the holidays! Here’s a list of 10 interesting games played around the world.
  5. Digital Collaboration with Classmates: At ConnectEd, there are three live classes weekly, but the learning doesn’t stop there. We deploy several learning tools designed to reinforce the content taught in lectures. These tools include question banks, practice exams, matching exercises, drawings, and mind maps. Our online platform is up-to-date with assignment ideas that assimilate real-life usage of both math and science. Some of our students have even eagerly created these ideas for school projects. They interact with course material outside of the classroom! Our teachers also upload flashcards and discussion boards for at-home practice and offline collaboration. Students have enjoyed these learning tools that have kept their minds activated throughout the week. While at home, students can take advantage of the online collaboration space to interact with their peers.

The opportunities for at-home activities are endless. The important thing is to have fun together. Promoting collectiveness between parents and their children is crucial to the learning process. Parents involved in their children’s lives beyond the classroom can help reinforce what they learn at school. Taking the time to relax is also great for children’s academic growth as they are under a lot of pressure at school.     

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