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With the increase of globalization worldwide, students have greater opportunities to travel abroad for university. There are many benefits to learning outside your home country, such as growth in cross-cultural communication, attending more widely known accredited universities, or other job opportunities outside the university. As mentioned in our Higher Education Abroad article, we compared the benefits of staying in India to studying and going abroad. Check out some considerations when thinking about future studies!

Our team at ConnectEd is multi-national. As a result, our teachers’ teaching style incorporates educational trends from both the USA and India. Our students have the unique experience of learning CBSE curriculum through a more holistic approach to learning, incorporating learning styles that suit various students’ needs. Besides taking online tuitions with international influence, students can learn more about studying in other countries by attending an international education fair. 

International education fairs happen worldwide. Specialists from universities, colleges, training institutions, and other educational establishments come together in one place to help students process which programs or courses are right for them. If students have an opportunity to visit one of these fairs, they are extremely beneficial in doubt clearing.

Students also have the opportunity to talk about entry requirements to various globally accredited universities and financial aid and scholarships. The transition from high school to university can be quite daunting, and attending a fair can help students face potential fears by asking questions before making the big decision. 

Are you interested in studying outside of India? Education Worldwide India is an International Education Fair for students looking to travel abroad. The fair moves all around India throughout the year. Their website has an update-to-date calendar with dates and cities they visit.

The fair aims to empower students to reach their greatest potential. They seek to do this through financing support, career counseling and even spot admissions at fairs. Students who are interested in studying abroad should come to these fairs with current transcripts and progress reports for admissions counselors to see.

Whether you’re in your last year of high school or your first year, it’s never too early to consider your future. Attending an international fair in your area can be the first step to pursuing your future goals.     

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