Community Impact

Our Vision for Quality Education & Community Impact with Bloom India

Propel is a family of values-based organizations working to create a lasting impact in the communities in which we operate. ConnectEd, our education technology arm, has a mission to deliver high-quality digital education to the mass market In India by providing advanced digital learning solutions to all demographics. ConnectEd’s goal is to supplement classroom learning in the form of tuition to allow students to master the skills and information that are taught in the curriculum so they can achieve success in their exams and beyond. Bloom India is our non-profit arm whose mission is to deliver high-quality classroom education to underprivileged communities. Bloom India will leverage ConnectEd Solutions as well as other necessary resources for communities that do not have proper access to technology.

“Our core belief is that education is a right for all individuals, and, even more, that education is freedom.”

The Digital Divide is very evident today when you step into an underprivileged school in India...

Over 100 million children in India live in extreme poverty, ⅓ of all poor children in the world. For a child born into poverty, the odds are stacked against them. Girls, especially, have very few choices. With little or no opportunities for upward social mobility, they are taken advantage of and often forced into adolescent marriage, child labor, low-level schooling, or sex trafficking. Schools for the marginalized poor, when they do exist, are rudimentary and often struggle to get the resources they need. These schools are severely underfunded, with detrimental teacher-to-student ratios and often poor classroom conditions which lead to a high risk of dropouts. The lockdown in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic allowed us to see this even more clearly. According to research, 76.6% of urban children and 95.6% of rural children do not have access to remote learning. They simply cannot afford the necessary devices and do not live in areas where they have a good digital infrastructure. Our primary school had only a couple of very old desktop computers which were being shared by students and staff.

At Bloom India, we believe all children deserve a childhood and future….

With over 10 years of experience in the education space especially focusing on democratizing high-quality education to the underprivileged in India, Bloom India was established to help provide high-quality education and to break the bondage of poverty, injustice, and social discrimination.

Bloom India stepped in to bridge the gap between the digital divide with the proliferation of laptops, tablets and the increased adoption of broadband for all the students from 7th-10th grade, PUC as well as our teachers. The students were able to thrive and succeed in continuing their education and passing the necessary 10th-grade exams because they were able to have access to all the necessary materials. The teachers were able to continue to provide assignments and feedback and keep the kids connected and learning in this season. We were able to see how Edtech was a very fast and efficient way to make quality education available to all of our students and see the benefit that it provides.

Our vision ahead...

ConnectEd is uniquely situated to educate and empower children from all walks of life to learn, flourish and succeed. We want to make a positive impact on the lives of the communities that we serve and to develop the leaders of tomorrow. A portion of our proceeds will go to support Bloom India to help children of underprivileged communities have the opportunity to dream big dreams. We will also be providing scholarships to underprivileged children to access our digital learning solutions so we can continue our goals in making high-quality education accessible to all regardless of their financial status.
Our vision is that over the next decade, together, we can establish ten world-class academies. In a generation, the education system for impoverished children in India will be transformed.