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At ConnectEd, we are an international team. This means you get the taste of studying in India with the touch of the benefits of studying abroad. The learning approach in India is generally more “teacher-centric.” This means that lessons are taught by, upheld by, and heavily dependent on the teacher’s engagement. Students are encouraged to memorize concepts and study independently. Being teacher-centric can be great for students who are quite shy. However, our international team at ConnectEd offers a new type of learning style. Instead of being solely teacher-centric, we introduce a style where students are encouraged to collaborate and ultimately move away from rote memorization. We integrate various types of learning, because we recognize that every student is different. Being synchronous with our live courses enables our staff to gauge our students’ engagement and clear doubts immediately. Overall, we have a more hands-on approach.     

What are the benefits of staying to do your higher studies in India?

There are many! Indians are fortunate to have great and affordable institutions at their fingertips. Certificates from accredited Indian universities are recognized worldwide, and choosing to stay, could be wise, even if you decide to remain in India to work. Universities are well-ranked, and rankings are climbing in places such as Mumbai and Delhi, especially if you want to study engineering.

More than just being affordable, India’s economy is on the rise. This means that you can save money as you study, and after studying, you could have a greater opportunity to find a well-paying job.

Perhaps you intend to stay in India after completing your high education. Staying and being educated in India would ensure that you wouldn’t have to worry about multiple transitions. Furthermore, you’d be closer to your family and friends. India is also becoming more of an international hub, so if you want to meet new people from different places, staying in India could cultivate this opportunity.

What are the benefits of studying abroad for your higher education? | Higher Education Abroad for Indian Students.

Just like studying in India, there are many benefits to studying abroad. Because of technology, accessibility of travel, international trade, and global finance, the world has grown to be more globalized. This means that more than ever, cultures, languages, traditions, and even education are being influenced by this global blending. Seemingly more than ever, the unknown of other cultures and places is fascinating. We increasingly see the accessibility of other foods and lessons in foreign languages. Of course, globalization also influences education. Higher education abroad for Indian students is a great option.

As mentioned before, our team at ConnectEd is multi-national. This means that our teaching style incorporates educational trends from India and the US. Indian students that study abroad share that their experience is more “hands-on” compared to their experiences in their studies back home. Furthermore, students cultivate skills such as critical thinking or giving an opinion. 

How do you find a good university abroad?

Important things to consider when you’re looking for a university abroad:

  1. Accreditation – Is the university accredited by prestigious organizations worldwide?
  2. Partnerships – Does the university partner with well-known companies?
  3. Best Education – which countries have the highest number of quality universities. Are you looking? Here’s a list of countries with the best universities.
  4. Affordability – How much will it cost to complete your degree? Think about what you want to study, and then calculate how long you’ll be in school. Don’t forget about accommodation and food! That’s also costly. 
  5. Graduation rate – What is the school’s percentage of students who actually graduate? Is this number low? Perhaps, you should find a school with better graduation rates. 

Don’t plan alone!

This decision is so important, so you shouldn’t make it alone. Ask your family, friends, and your teachers. I’m sure they’d love to help you think through the choices, and they’ll help you make the write choice. Don’t forget to plan ahead, so you can plan for all the surprises.

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