7 Habits That Will Bring You Success in Your Upcoming CBSE Exams

Blog » 7 Habits That Will Bring You Success in Your Upcoming CBSE Exams

Exams seasons are always a time of stress, anxiousness and nerves for students. However, that shouldn’t be the case! In fact all the more reasons for students to feel peaceful, calm and perhaps even a sense of excitement to attend their exams and progress gracefully to the next grade. We’ve come up with 7 habits we believe will help you build confidence, strength and focus not only for exams but in general, are wise principles to adopt for live. In simple terms, make SUCCESS yours today:

S Solve practice papers

Getting into the habit of solving practice papers helps students get “into the zone” much earlier on. One becomes familiar with the format, the pace and even the type of questions. Hence, as soon students complete studying their syllabus take a deep dive into practicing sample papers from previous years’ exams.

U Understand key concepts and formulas

Unlike mugging formulas and concepts, why not take the time to understand the very foundations of these topics. We’ve seen in the long run, it helps the mind to understand a concept rather than mug them because that’s a habit then one builds for life. It also helps retention power and students are never in the dilemma of forgetting the entire formula or concept if they can’t recall once aspect of it. Take the time now and it will save you’re a lot of trouble in future to recall during the exams.

C Carve out the days routine

It is very important to build a routine so that your schedule is not only locked but is informed to your family and friends too. What we mean is to carve out time for study’s, for play time, for screen time etc. This way you know every day at a certain time what you’re expected to do as well the people around you. This way you won’t be disturbed at odd times but instead, build in the discipline for the long run.

C Chalk out your weak areas first

We all tend to incline towards our strongest areas and enjoying scoring all our practice questions on these topics. Instead, flip to the areas that you struggle with and find the most hardest. You will notice that will feel more confident as your progress in your revisions and won’t have to worry about working through those hard sections. So remember, revise and study the weak areas first before attempting to move towards your favourite sections in the subject!

E Eat plenty of healthy snacks

This is especially the time to stay away from fried and oily snacks, junk and sugary foods. These foods make your feel sluggish and lethargic making studying very difficult. Instead, dry fruits, nuts, fresh foods made at home, yummy fruit smoothies and a well-balanced diet is what your diet needs to be all about. Remember, healthy doesn’t need to be boring! Youtube is filled with healthy but tasty recipes that can be made right in your very own kitchen J

S Seek support from tutors

Your tutors are always an email message away! Tutors have your best interest in mind and so do not hesitate to check-in with them for last-minute problem solving or doubts. Remember, tutors have years of experience and know what it feels like to have exam nerves. So, approach your tutors like your new best friend!

S Sleep well

The best detox and recovery during exam preparations (and always!) is a good 7 to 8hours sleep. A great rule is to keep your devices on silent and inside your drawer so you get no disturbances through the night. Also, invest in a traditional alarm clock to help you wake up on time instead of using your phone alarm. Eat dinner a minimum 4 hours before bedtime, a light walk during the day and with some deep breathing just before bed should help you fall asleep easily.

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