The Far-Reaching Potential of Online Learning

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Online Learning in a Global Age

For the past 10 years, globalization has grown exponentially. More and more people are expected to have some level of cultural literacy about others who are different from themselves to remain relevant in the workplace. According to (the number one job site in the world), the number one quality that employers search for in their employee candidates is communication [source]. How does the e-classroom help equip this next generation to be culturally literate and communicationally savvy?

Similar to how the internet helps build up inclusion and break down social barriers, the internet is also far-reaching. The online learning experience for the student in the city can mirror the experience one is having in a far away community that some teachers can’t reach physically, but can reach through online teaching. Creating broad classroom communities means more diversity in the online classroom bridging the gaps between one culture to another and bringing together the rural and the urban. Online learning makes such bridges possible with the comfort of staying in your own home. In fact, one of the biggest challenges for people to connect with people different from themselves is fear. Online learning has made it possible for those who are fearful of meeting new people to branch out and meet new people through the protection of the online space.

Breaking Down Barriers through E-Learning

More than before, the global pandemic has made many aware of places on the map they never knew before, and more and more educators are being recorded and put online – educators from every place to every place. Opportunities to study outside of our home countries are becoming available. E-learning, social media, and internet gaming have created virtual, international friendships and experiences that make transition to different places for study abroad less daunting. What was once unknown is being made known through online education.

ConnectEd’s goal is to democratize online learning so that all communities in India can have access to quality education. Enabling all communities – rural and urban, rich and poor – students will in turn have a greater opportunity to interact with someone who is different from themselves. In a day of globalization, this is more important and meaningful than ever before. As the world continues to evolve, education must evolve with it. With the help of learning technologies, e-learning has the far-reaching potential to be the space where students can safely learn about others, be a space where they grow in cultural literacy, which will in turn equip them for the globalized workforce.

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Online learning enables our students to get further ahead in their studies, resulting in better quality education. The pressure students face preparing for CBSE exams can be daunting. With proper e-learning resources, students throughout India can get ahead with ConnectEd’s tuition services. Our expert tutors help students and parents feel assured and prepared. Our preparation courses will give students the confidence they need to pass their exams! Sign-up for a free session today!

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