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CBSE‘s new method of marking answers is a bit daunting to students. Examinations in November 2021 require students to answer using OMR sheets. Today, we’ll provide 5 points to keep in mind when approaching OMR sheets during testing.

What is OMR, and why is CBSE requiring their answers using OMR?

OMR stands for Optimal Mark Recognition and has been newly introduced into the CBSE answer marking system this year. OMR sheets will be evaluated on the same day of the exam at the centre itself before it’s uploaded or sent to the regional offices. The good news is that previously, these evaluations took longer.

Let’s take a deeper look at how to respond using OMR sheets:

Firstly, the Term 1 exams, starting in November, have a maximum of 60 questions.

Secondly, students must provide their answers using a pen on the OMR sheets.

Thirdly, the students must choose between ‘a’, ‘b,’ ‘c,’ and ‘d’ options. Once students are confident of their response, they should darken the circle with a pen. The box next to the four options is for students to answer. Students have to reply by darkening a circle option and in the box. However, what students write in the box will be the final answers. 

Fourthly, the question has no attempt if the box is empty, but the circle is dark. Similarly, if all the four circle options and the box are left blank, the question voids an effort.

And lastly, the students darken a column marked by ‘#’ to indicate that they skip the question and don’t give an answer. 


As long as students keep these points and practice with OMR sheets, they will succeed. Moreover, approaching this new system will be done at ease and confidently. And most importantly, students can’t forget to write their registration numbers and the question paper code on the answer sheet!

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