Achieving high marks in CBSE Class 10 board exams is essential for setting a strong foundation in your child’s academic career. As parents, it’s crucial to support your child with effective strategies to maximize their performance. In this blog, we will share key tips and techniques that can help your child prepare and excel in their upcoming board exams.

Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Start by helping your child understand the CBSE Class 10 exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. Knowing the weightage of each topic can guide their study priorities. At ConnectEd, our expert educators focus on these aspects, ensuring students are well-prepared across all subjects.

Craft a Well-Structured Study Schedule

Effective time management is vital for exam success. Assist your child in developing a balanced study schedule that allocates time to each subject, with additional focus on challenging areas. Ensure the timetable includes regular breaks and revision periods to maintain optimal study efficacy.

Encourage Regular Practice

Consistent practice is key to mastering exam content. Encourage your child to solve previous years’ question papers and take sample exams to familiarize themselves with the format and improve their time management skills. Tools like online quizzes and mock tests available on platforms like ConnectEd can also enhance their readiness.

Promote Effective Note-Taking

Teach your child efficient note-taking skills to help them capture essential information during their study sessions. Encourage the use of visual aids such as diagrams and flowcharts, which can make revision more interactive and easier to remember.

Facilitate Clarification and Guidance

Encourage your child to seek help whenever they encounter difficulties. This can be through discussions with teachers, participation in study groups, or through ConnectEd’s resources, where experienced tutors are ready to provide personalized support.

Guide Time Management During Exams

Advise your child on how to manage their exam time effectively. This includes reading questions carefully, starting with familiar sections, and allocating appropriate time to each part to ensure all questions are attempted.

Implement Effective Revision Strategies

Revision is crucial in the lead-up to exams. Help your child develop a revision plan that includes concise notes and mnemonic devices for complex concepts. Regular review sessions and practice tests can be instrumental in reinforcing knowledge and boosting confidence.


Supporting your child through their CBSE Class 10 exams requires a combination of the right resources, strategic planning, and continuous encouragement. By implementing these tips, you’re not just helping your child score well but also building their confidence and setting them up for future academic success.

Interested in enhancing your child’s exam preparation with expert guidance? Sign up for a free demo class at ConnectEd and discover how our tailored approach makes learning effective and enjoyable. Together, let’s empower your child to excel in their CBSE Class 10 exams and beyond. Good luck!

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