CBSE Science
Class 9 Program

At ConnectEd, we believe that a strong foundation in science is key to unlocking a student’s potential. Our Class 9 Science program is designed to transform curiosity into knowledge through an engaging, comprehensive curriculum that prepares students not just for exams, but for a lifetime of scientific understanding and enthusiasm.


The ConnectEd Class 9 Science curriculum is meticulously structured to align with CBSE standards, ensuring a thorough grasp of each scientific concept. Our program combines theoretical knowledge with practical experimentation, making science both accessible and captivating. Through a blend of live demonstrations, virtual labs, and interactive quizzes, we provide a learning experience that is both enriching and educational.

Mastering CBSE Science in Class 9

Chemical Reactions and Equations: Delve into the transformative world of chemical reactions with labs and simulations that bring chemistry to life. Students will learn to balance equations, identify types of reactions, and understand the conservation of mass in a reaction, fostering a deeper appreciation for the dynamics of chemistry.

Acids, Bases, and Salts: Explore the properties of acids, bases, and salts through experiments that highlight their everyday applications and impacts. This module emphasizes practical knowledge by exploring how these substances interact in our daily lives, from cooking to cleaning, and their industrial uses.

Metals and Non-metals: Understand the properties, uses, and extraction processes of metals and non-metals with interactive modules. Students will investigate their physical and chemical properties, extraction methods, and the environmental implications of metal use, which are crucial for making informed decisions in future scientific endeavors.

Life Processes: Study the essential life processes such as nutrition, respiration, circulation, excretion, and their significance through detailed diagrams and virtual experiments. This comprehensive overview helps students appreciate the complexity and efficiency of living organisms.

How Do Organisms Reproduce?: Examine the fascinating methods of reproduction in different organisms using animations and real-time discussions. The module covers asexual and sexual reproduction, providing insights into the biological processes that sustain life.

Heredity: Explore the principles of genetics and heredity through interactive genetic experiments and family tree analyses. Students will learn about dominant and recessive traits, genetic disorders, and the impact of genetics on personal and public health.

Light – Reflection and Refraction: Investigate the phenomena of reflection and refraction with practical optics experiments. This part of the course will have students experiment with mirrors, lenses, and prisms to understand how light behaves when it encounters different surfaces.

Human Eye and Colourful World: Learn about the human eye’s structure and its ability to see colors, supplemented with virtual reality experiences. The module also covers common vision defects and their corrections, enhancing students’ understanding of human biology and physics.

Electricity: Master the concepts of electric currents and circuits through hands-on activities and problem-solving exercises. This unit focuses on Ohm’s law, series and parallel circuits, and household electrical systems, equipping students with practical and theoretical electrical knowledge.

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current: Discover the magnetic effects of electric currents with experiments that illustrate the principles of electromagnetism. Students will explore how electric currents produce magnetic fields, which are utilized in devices like electric motors and generators.

Class Timetable

  • Monday, 5 - 5:50 PM

    Physics. Interactive, live class held via video conferencing.

  • Wednesday, 5 - 5:50 PM

    Biology. Interactive, live class held via video conferencing.

  • Friday, 6 - 6:50 PM

    Chemistry. Interactive, live class held via video conferencing.

  • Saturday

    Completion of online assessment and submission by students.

Demo Class for CBSE Science Class 9

ConnectEd’s CBSE Science Class 9 program is designed for flexibility, allowing students to learn at their own pace while still meeting rigorous academic standards. Our supportive environment includes regular assessments, feedback, and one-on-one support to ensure students not only keep up but excel. To further accommodate individual learning styles, our program offers a variety of interactive and multimedia resources, including video lessons, virtual labs, and real-time problem-solving sessions. This approach empowers students to deeply engage with the material, enhancing both understanding and retention. Additionally, our experienced educators are always available to clarify doubts and provide personalized guidance, making sure every student has the tools they need to succeed in their scientific pursuits.

Our Approach

At ConnectEd, we harness the latest in educational technology to create an immersive learning environment where each student receives personalized attention. Our experienced educators are passionate about science and dedicated to fostering a learning atmosphere that encourages inquiry and critical thinking. Through a blend of collaborative projects and individual study, we tailor our teaching methods to suit the diverse learning styles of our students, ensuring that each one achieves their best.

Download Syllabus

Get the full CBSE Science syllabus for Class 9 and help your child prepare for a successful academic year. Inside, you’ll find the essential topics they will need learn and master.

Our Science Faculty

Meet our team of passionate online CBSE Science tutors. With expertise in their fields and a commitment to student success, they create a supportive learning environment tailored to individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the connected classes are recorded and uploaded on the Learning Management System (LMS). Students can log on and go through previous classes at any time.

We follow the standard CBSE and NCERT syllabuses. We supplement this with our own study materials which are engaging and simple to understand.

Currently we only provide tuitions only for CBSE Math and Science and a Foundation Program for students who want to attempt competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

We give homework questions after class and also we conduct weekly and monthly assessments to track the progress of student.

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Start your journey

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Enroll today for a specialized approach in CBSE Math and Science that ensures academic excellence and curiosity-driven learning!


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