CBSE Science
Class 7 Program

Welcome to the fascinating world of Science with ConnectEd’s CBSE Class 7 Program, where curiosity fuels the quest for knowledge. Our program is designed to ignite a passion for discovery, merging scientific theory with hands-on experiments that bring the universe into the classroom.


Dive into the marvels of science with our comprehensive curriculum. From the mysteries of cells to the principles of motion, each module is infused with interactive learning that makes complex concepts accessible and exciting. Our students are not just passive learners; they are young scientists in the making, encouraged to question, experiment, and understand the natural phenomena that shape our lives.

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Mastering CBSE Science in Class 7

Acids, Bases & Salts: Dive into the intriguing world of chemistry as we explore the properties and uses of acids, bases, and salts. Students will conduct experiments to test pH levels and learn how these substances interact in everyday life, from cooking to cleaning.

Physical and Chemical Changes: Uncover the mysteries behind the transformations of matter. This module differentiates between physical changes, which are reversible, and chemical changes, which result in new substances. Through engaging experiments, students witness these changes firsthand, enhancing their understanding of core chemical concepts.

Nutrition in Plants: Discover how plants make their own food through photosynthesis. Students will explore different aspects of plant nutrition, including the role of sunlight, water, and minerals. Interactive diagrams and hands-on activities will illustrate the process, showing the importance of plants in Earth’s ecosystem.

Reproduction in Plants: Explore the fascinating ways plants reproduce. This unit covers various forms of reproduction from seeds to spores, and vegetative propagation. Students will learn through visuals and practical experiments, gaining an appreciation for the complexity of plant life.

Transportation in Animals and Plants: Investigate how essential substances like water, nutrients, and gases are transported in animals and plants. Through detailed diagrams and interactive activities, students will understand the circulatory system in animals and the xylem and phloem in plants.

Electric Current and Its Effects: Spark curiosity with the exciting world of electricity. Students will learn about the basics of electric circuits, the effects of electric current, and practical applications such as electromagnets and electric bells. Safety with electricity will also be a key focus.

Light: Illuminate the properties of light through engaging lessons on reflection, refraction, and the spectrum of light. Experiments will include playing with mirrors, lenses, and prisms to understand how light behaves and how it enables us to see the world around us.

Class Timetable

  • Tuesday, 5 - 5:50 PM

    Interactive, live class held via video conferencing.

  • Thursday, 5 - 5:50 PM

    Interactive, live class held via video conferencing.

  • Saturday

    Completion of online assessment and submission by students.

Demo Class for CBSE Science Class 7

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Science is a gateway to understanding the universe and our place within it. Our program is structured to build a strong scientific foundation while sparking genuine interest and excitement. With hands-on experiments, interactive media, and collaborative projects, we create a dynamic learning environment that celebrates innovation and creativity.

Our Approach

At ConnectEd, we blend the latest educational technology with traditional hands-on learning to provide a science education that’s both modern and meaningful. Our teaching philosophy is rooted in the understanding that each student is unique, with a tailored approach that meets them where they are and helps them grow. Through inquiry-based learning and real-world applications, we empower students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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Download Syllabus

Get the full CBSE Science syllabus for Class 10 and help your child prepare for a successful academic year. Inside, you’ll find the essential topics they will need learn and master.

Our Science Faculty

Meet our team of passionate online CBSE Science tutors. With expertise in their fields and a commitment to student success, they create a supportive learning environment tailored to individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use a variety of assessment methods, including quizzes, tests, projects, and interactive discussions, to gauge students’ understanding of science concepts. Our goal is to provide feedback that helps students identify areas for improvement and build confidence in their knowledge.

We employ interactive teaching methods, including multimedia presentations, simulations, and hands-on experiments where possible. Our goal is to make science come alive and foster a sense of curiosity and exploration in our students.

Yes, our tutors are well-versed in the CBSE curriculum and are familiar with the specific requirements and exam patterns for Grade 7 and 8. They will tailor their teaching approach to align with CBSE guidelines and help you excel in your exams.

Classes are held twice a week, providing ample opportunities for students to engage with the material and ask questions.

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Start your journey

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Enroll today for a specialized approach in CBSE Math and Science that ensures academic excellence and curiosity-driven learning!


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