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“We accompany a student throughout their journey, encouraging them to come out of their shell and to explore the world around them.”

– Jismi Joseph about ConnectEd – Your Learning Companion

Jismi’s Background

Meet Teacher Jismi Joseph! Jismi is one of our Science teachers here at ConnectEd. We are thrilled to have her on our team. Like many others on our team, Jismi also has teachers from her mother’s side. Education is a high value in Jismi’s family, and it’s honoured as a sacred role.

Originally from Kerala, Jismi schooled in CBSE, and first-hand understands the pressures of board exams. Her ability to relate to her students gives her an advantage as she can genuinely teach each concept with authority. 

Her Passions

Work becomes a joy when you love what you do and value it greatly. For Jismi, some of her favourite hobbies include gardening, travelling, and reading books. She enjoys being outdoors and finding rest in observing her surroundings. Jismi’s passions make her a curious observer, and she can pass that on to her students. She teaches them to observe, which makes science very practical and real for students. This experimental approach makes a memorable impression that helps students remember facts, not simply memorise them.

Jismi’s Learning for Life

Jismi studied botany for both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees by trade. Her interests and professional training influence Jismi’s teaching methodology. As a biology teacher at ConnectEd, she deals with the science of living organisms. Students preparing for board exams can find it challenging to memorize countless scientific terminologies. Jismi’s approach to this task is to make science practical, authentic, and applicable; learning for life. This approach has proven to be so transformational for her students as they’ve been able to recall terminologies through visualisation of each scientific event (ie: drawing each step of the water cycle). Interacting with concepts tangibly has helped Jismi’s students remember needed information to succeed in exams. 

Teaching at ConnectEd

When Jismi finished her post-graduate programme, ConnectEd’s vision and mission aligned well with her convictions and professional desire to teach. ConnectEd seeks to democratise quality education, making it available throughout India. Jismi knows that teachers play an essential role in molding a child’s future, and she values the role.

At ConnectEd, our teachers design and plan each session with our students. They take every concept and design lesson around, making sure students understand each area thoroughly. The biggest difference with ConnectEd’s tuition servies is that we offer live classes. In real-time, students can unmute their microphones and ask questions to clear their doubts immediately. Jismi enjoys helping her students overcome their fears and finds this approach more accessible and effective overall.  

The ConnectEd Difference

According to our CEO – Dennis Mathew – our team is very teacher-centric. The services we provide are possible because of the attention and care of our teachers. They are so dedicated to the success of our students that they’re constantly seeking ways to improve their approach.

Flexibility is essential as an educator, and helping students overcome obstacles can be the most rewarding part of flexible teaching. One incident that stands out to Jismi is when she taught the concept of heredity to her 10th-grade students. She found that this concept wasn’t easy for her class, so she incorporated Pictionary, videos, and similar fun activities to get students to engage the subject differently. The most impactful activity was when Jismi and her students worked together with a whiteboard and drew everything from scratch. This new sketch was a story of the laws of heredity. After, all the students could answer all questions about the concept.

We are so grateful to have Jismi on our team! Her passion and attention to academic success make her an asset to our staff. 

The ConnectEd difference ensures that our students are ready for boards. If any student struggles, our teachers devote themselves to helping each one. Our approaches promote learning for life. Join us today and experience the ConnectEd difference. Join a free class today!

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