6 Ways to Appreciate Your Teachers This Teacher’s Day

Blog » 6 Ways to Appreciate Your Teachers This Teacher’s Day

Each of us has had the privilege of being influenced by, cared for, and shaped by a teacher. Encouraging our teachers helps them wake up in the morning energized to do their best work. In recent years, teachers have had difficult times navigating COVID-19 and still hitting their learning objectives and goals. Here at ConnectEd, we are so grateful for our teachers; they enable us to do what we do and support each of our students with genuine care.

What about your teachers? Have you told them lately that you appreciate them? Here are some encouraging things you can do this Teacher’s Day to show appreciation.

Write an email or letter to them

Most communication that teachers receive is communication that addresses problems or concerns. Teachers will less often receive letters or emails of thankfulness and gratitude. At the same time, teachers are quite used to receiving emails addressing student concerns, which they care about. So this Teacher’s Day, break the norm and send a letter of appreciation. Tell them why they are so helpful to your family and what makes them special.

Offer assistance to the teacher

Many teachers you meet will be masters at multitasking. It’s part of the job description. One thing that you can do to be appreciative is by offering help to your teacher. For both students and parents, teachers appreciate volunteers. Whether it’s for helping clean up the classroom or helping assist in preparing for a lesson. Helping also shows a dedication to what’s happening in the classroom, which encourages the teacher.

Gift a classroom prop or learning tool.

Every classroom has its quirks. Some classrooms across the country can’t afford all the learning tools that would be helpful for the betterment of the students. However, if students and parents contributed to learning tools, this would encourage the teacher.

Thank teachers for helping students progress

This point should happen throughout the academic year, not just on Teacher’s Day. Families should take notice when students progress in their academic journey and tell the teacher. When teachers hear this kind of feedback, it pushes them to keep being motivated to do what they do.

Buy a gift card, coffee mug, or tote bag

Nearly every teacher has the go-to materials to keep their lives running. For most, it’s a cup of coffee and their teacher’s bag. Gifting teachers with useful and practical gifts show your investment in their profession and what they do.

Show gratitude in how you offer feedback

This post shouldn’t keep you from giving feedback to your teachers. Teachers thrive and grow from constructive feedback on their teaching styles and communication. When it comes to giving feedback, it’s encouraging to the teacher and easier to hear when comments are made with gratitude. This means that accusatory and angry comments are more difficult for teachers to hear while comments made through gratefulness are better received.

This Teacher’s Day, we should all remember our teachers’ impact. Where would we be without them? Let’s keep encouraging them so they are charged for the work ahead. Happy Teacher’s Day to all our teachers; we care about you and appreciate everything you do!    

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