6 CBSE Study Hacks

Blog » 6 CBSE Study Hacks

Use these awesome CBSE study hacks and ace your exams!

Take Practice Papers –

Our team of ConnectEd teachers provides free downloadable papers for practice at home (find a link on our homepage)! Do your best to answer these questions without any notes or books. In the end, compare your answers with the provided answer key, and take notes of what areas you’re weak in. 

Know the Syllabus –

With the various changes to the syllabi, it’s important to stay on top of the changes. CBSE does a thorough job giving background information on each concept and the reasons why they’re important to students’ academic growth.

  • Note: A fun activity for students to do is to go through the concepts and explain to their friends and family members everything they already know about that topic. Brainstorming out loud promotes production and can ensure that students already know many things from previous years.

Create Flashcards –

Today there are many e-learning tools that enable students to use online resources to study. While there are many resources already available, take the time to create your own flashcards for things such as mathematical equations, parts of the water cycle, or various vocabulary. Physical flashcards are great, but if you want the freedom to study anywhere at any time, you can create e-flashcards at Quizlet.com.

Get good rest –

Can you believe that sleep is a study hack? According to many studies, the lack of sleep produces worse test-taking scores. In fact, two MIT scientists tested this theory in 2019 and found it to be completely true. Furthermore, in the last few decades, scientists discovered that sleep impacts more than just the ability to perform during tests, sleep also impacts the ability to learn, retain new information, recall old information, or memorize. Please sleep! It will help you and your test scores.

Have an accountability partner –

Why study alone when roughly 2.5 million students are in the same situation as you across India! Find a friend you can study concepts with. Set goals together, and encourage each other to study when you’re not motivated! At ConnectEd, our students can collaborate and study together in class and offline. Join today, and find your study buddy!

Don’t keep studying what you already know –

One thing many students are tempted to do is study concepts they find really easy. If you’re using all your study time to go over topics you’ve already mastered, then you’re missing out on the challenge of growing in what you find difficult. If you’re unsure if you’ve mastered a topic, ask your teacher. They want to help encourage you in your weaker areas so you’re best prepared for your exams. 

Join ConnectEd today, and put these CBSE study hacks to use! The pressure students face preparing for CBSE exams can be daunting. With proper e-learning resources, students throughout India can get ahead with ConnectEd’s tuition services. Our expert tutors help students and parents feel assured and prepared. Our preparation courses will give students the confidence they need to pass their exams! Sign-up for a free session today! 

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