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What is a Growth Mindset?

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An important skill today in academia is having a growth mindset. But, what is a growth mindset? Well, there are two types of thought. Firstly, students can be of a fixed mindset, meaning that setbacks in their academic progress stunt them. They struggle to move forward past academic failures. On the other hand, a growth mindset believes that the brain can grow. This means that students can learn from mistakes and get better over time with practice.

Studies show that when students are told the truth that brains are adaptable and can be shaped using effort, they are much more likely to succeed and see improvement in their work. This is the core of what makes the growth mindset so effective. Some practical ways to see growth are by asking questions, practicing activities we’re weaker at, ensuring good sleep patterns, and sticking to healthy diets.

In the Classroom

This kind of mindset might not come naturally, so it is imperative for the teacher to foster a growth mindset environment. Instead of always praising students for being “intelligent” or naturally gifted, praising and rewarding effort and hard work are important. Praising students’ hard work develops this kind of learning. It is also very crucial for teachers to normalize mistakes and struggles. No student is perfect, so teachers should be looking for ways to encourage and offer positive reinforcement amid struggles. When students finally overcome some of these various struggles, teachers must make sure to draw attention to the journey from struggle to success.

Why is it important?

In a world of constant comparison and competition, students can be quite discouraged when facing challenges. Life is full of various challenges and struggles, but these should not be the things that hold us back. Adapting this way of thinking while young put strategies in place to overcome obstacles academically and outside the classroom. Giving up is not the answer when things get difficult, and the growth mindset accommodates that. Instead, a growth mindset understands that growth takes time, dedication, and persistence. Parents and teachers can help their students see that they are capable of much more than they think.

At ConnectEd

Our team of teachers is dedicated to developing a growth mindset space. They target the areas of weakness of their students and give them opportunities to face these challenges head-on with positivity. They’re devoted to seeing their students grow at all stages, and they love sharing progress reports that have shown improvement in test scores. Learn with ConnectEd today!

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