5 Ways to Jump Back to School

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The semester has officially started! Welcome back, students! We hope you had a restful break with family and friends. Now that school has started, let’s stay motivated and soar higher than ever before.

Here are 5 things you can do to keep motivated as you head back to school!

1. Get a diary or get well-acquainted with Google Calendar:

It’s crucial to keep a record of assignments, assessments, events, and holidays. We recommend getting in the habit of recording these dates in a diary. When you look back at each week and see all you’ve accomplished, it can encourage you to keep pushing. With different courses and activities, it can be easy to forget everything. Using a diary will keep you organised, which is an important skill as you prepare for university.

2. Set goals for yourself

You can use your diary to record goals you want to set for yourself this year. Not all your goals have to be academic. 

For example: learn a musical instrument, cook dinner for the family once a week, master physics model questions, or improve test-taking skills.

Goal setting is important to keep anyone motivated. If you aren’t striving for something, then you can easily become complacent. 

 3. Find a study buddy

Perhaps you have a friend who is better at certain subjects than you. Perhaps you’re better at other subjects than your friend. Pair up! Teach each other different subjects that the other is weak in. This is a great way to review material and learn concepts that might be difficult for you. 

4. Get good sleep

As always, sleep is number one to our health. If we aren’t sleeping well, we are unable to perform well at school or work. We know how tempting it is to watch videos on phones or tablets super late, but instead, charge your devices outside of the bedroom. Get an alarm clock to wake you up. Don’t use your phone as an alarm. This will help ensure you’re getting enough good sleep to perform well the next day.

5. Reward yourself with something fun

For those preparing for 10th Grade Board exams, we know the pressure is on. It is very important to stay motivated throughout the year as you prepare. Everyone needs a break. Make sure you’re rewarding yourself by taking a break from study. In these breaks, do something you like to do. Whether that’s a video game, sport, or hanging with friends, don’t forget to rest your brain!

We know it can be hard to stay motivated, but we’re cheering for you! Your ConnectEd teachers understand the importance of hard work, and they’re here to help you. 

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