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What is Concept-Based Learning?

Throughout India’s curricula, students are engaging with concept-based learning. So what is it? Concept-based learning focuses on teaching students the main ideas of each subject. If taught well, main ideas or core information can be built upon as students have exposure to new concepts from the world around them.

In today’s day and age, most people can feel quite overwhelmed by how accessible information is. How much should we know, and how much is necessary to know? For students schooling in this generation, the same is true. The value of the classroom might even be decaying as many believe they can find out the information themselves. However, we know that teachers are our guides that lead us to discover what we would have never discovered on our own.

Learning Core Information 

Our teachers are masters of their concepts, and with their knowledge, they lead our students. Many could argue that the greatest strength of concept-based learning is that it builds a foundation for students. These foundations are imperative to the success of students throughout their academic journey. CBSE curriculum highly values teaching students to reason. If students learn core concepts, they will be able to use that information to make sense of new information and use reason and logic to come to conclusions. Using real-life examples aids students in their endeavor to remember these concepts.

This approach to learning encourages students to engage by asking questions and participating in class discussions. The ultimate outcome of this approach is that students would retain what they have been taught. Retention means better test scores and greater opportunities for their future careers. Having trouble thinking about the future? Read our Career Series on our blog here

Setting a Foundation for the Future

Indian Express argues that concept-based learning prepares students for their future. Their article mentions that students’ engagement with materials is crucial to their learning. If students never have the opportunity to see a chemical change, for example, how should they remember that it does? On the other hand, concept-based learning “runs on the basis of ‘big ideas’ instead of subject-specific content. By introducing kids to the context of a particular chapter or theory, you introduce them to the knowledge and skills that can be accrued from the content” (

At ConnectEd, we integrate a variety of methodologies so that all students engage in the subject matter. We also are very devoted to supporting students in their weak areas so that we can watch visible progression as they progress through their academic journey.

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