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Bloom India is our non-profit branch. We dedicate our efforts to provide quality education to all across India. The pandemic posed many difficulties for students trying to continue their learning. Bloom Mercy School has been a space for students to receive free, high-quality education with plenty of resources. ConnectEd seeks to use their resources to help community impact across the nation.

Meet Bindu

community impact

Bindu (name’s changed for discretion) is a newly 10th grade student. As we know, 10th grade is a challenging year for students preparing for board exams. Hear her story first hand of how through Bloom India’s support, her life has been transformed.

Bindu’s Story

“My name is Bindu, and I am 16 years old and in 9th grade. I have an elder sister and younger brother and all of us study in the same school. I like to watch TV, especially cartoons. I play and do arts and crafts in my free-time. 

I love my school. The best thing about my school is that we get a really good education, and they teach us how to be a good human being and build good character. 

I would love it if our school improved in the sports area and included more sports. 

I love Kannada and Math. Kannada is my mother tongue and math is a very interesting subject. My favorite teacher is Mr. Shivanna. He takes care of us like a father, gives good advice, and corrects us whenever we make mistakes. 

COVID time was difficult especially with online classes. Listening to the class through a tablet was a task. Sometimes the internet wasn’t working, and I would miss a few classes.

It was a difficult time for my family. My mother is a domestic help and my father is a watchman. My father could not work, and it was a struggle for us financially. Now that COVID has reduced, I am able to come to school and my parents are able to go to work. Now, we are doing much better. 

When I first came back to school, I was so happy to see my friends after such a long time. It was exciting to see my school and teachers. 

This year I am going to 10th grade, and I am excited about that. I want to become a good person as I grow up and help our community. I want to come back to Bloom Mercy School and help them provide free education to more and more students. I want to become a lawyer once I grow old.”

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