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5 Fun-Filled At-Home Activities

For those that celebrate Christmas, the holidays are upon us! With the New Year coming, many students are on holiday. With students off of school,

Attending an International Education Fair

With the increase of globalization worldwide, students have greater opportunities to travel abroad for university. There are many benefits to learning outside your home country,

Time Management

Many students today are more distracted than ever. With social media, access to technology, streaming services, family commitments, and school assignments, students definitely have many

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Concept-Based Learning in India

What is Concept-Based Learning? Throughout India’s curricula, students are engaging with concept-based learning. So what is it? Concept-based learning focuses on teaching students the main

Why Collaboration is Important

Collaboration comes in many forms. Collaboration is imperative to a thriving business, classroom, or home, whether you’re working together to complete a task, sharing opinions,

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