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A Letter to Career Choosing Students

Dear Students,

Are you a 10th Grade student preparing for your Board exams? Have you just passed your exams and you’re preparing for university? Trying to decide which career to choose? This article series is for you! Every person is unique, and our professions become a huge part of our personal identities. Whether you excel in fields of science, commerce, humanities, arts, industrial training, or Polytechnique there is a place for you.

In this series, we will explore different successful careers in India today. It is important that as you choose an area of study at university that your gained skills are useful in your career. Need some inspiration? Take a career test here! Part of the reason our teachers and staff at ConnectEd are so effective is that they love their work. We want you to love what you do as well. This is crucial to life-long success and job satisfaction.

CBSE can be quite competitive. We are here to help you pass so that no exam can hold you back from your dream job. Your parents, friends, and teachers can help you decide, but they should never decide for you. Let us help you!

Your Learning Companion | ConnectEd Team

A Letter to Their Parents

Dear Parents,

Because of your investment, love, and care, your student is where they are today. You have such a critical role to play in the shaping of your child’s life and future. However, we encourage you to create a space for your child to explore. 

Exploration, curiosity, and autonomy are key objectives in your students’ curriculum. These are skills that require students to learn and inquire on their own. With your support, they can feel free to explore safely. This also goes with helping your child find a career path. Historically, parental pressure can push students to anxiety, stress, or ultimately career confusion or dissatisfaction.

We hope this series can be a guide to career options. Start out by helping your child take the career test here. Do you have a child preparing for board exams? Let us be your learning companion so that there is no academic obstacle standing in the way of your child’s dream job! Sign-up for a free class here.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Your Learning Companion | ConnectEd Team

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